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Travel information about Kiev Ukraine ets.intersting places in Kiev.


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Hotels, apartments in Kiev:

  Hotel "Ukraine"
Hotel "Dnipro"
Hotel "Premier-Palace"
 Hotel "Kozatskiy"
 Hotel "Khreschatik"
  Hotel "Riviera"

5 stars

Interesting places of Kiev:

Sacred Uspensky Kievo-Pecherskaja of Laurels

Memorial complex «The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945»

Mamajeva sloboda

Hutir Savky

National Opera of Ukraine


Kiev National Academic Operetta's Theatre

National Philharmonic of Ukraine


National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine

Actor's House

National circus of Ukraine

National museum of national architecture and life of Ukraine


National art museum of Ukraine


National Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine"

The State Aviation Museum (Zhuliany)

Architectural Park Kievan Rus

American Medical Centers

Limousines in Kiev


Fitness center, Jim




Where to go with  lady?

Popular and democratic institutions in Kiev:

Katyusha Varenichnaya

Mamma Mia pizzeria

Mafia Restaurant





Fine Family

What is the currency unit of Ukraine?

Currency in Ukraine: Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) 

Mobile communication and internet in Ukraine

In Ukraine, you can buy an inexpensive phone and SIM card.


I want to take my laptop (cellphone charger, hair styler, etc.) to Ukaine. Will it work here?

Ukraine uses AC 220 V, 50 Hz. Old Soviet sockets are Europlug-compatible, without central grounding pin. Newer ones are Schuko

Moving across Ukraine
On the territory of Ukraine it is convenient to travel by car, plane, train.
In Ukraine there's a well-developed network of railways. Tickets are inexpensive. For example, in the U.S., most people travel by cars and airplanes. In Ukraine they travel by train.
Cars come in three classes — second-class cars, compartment cars and sleeping cars. In the train you can order tea, coffee, food.

In the city you can ride by subway, bus, trolleybus, tram (one ride costs a few cents).


About Kiev :

Kiev, Ukraine 

It is a city with a history spanning more than 1,500 years.
Kiev is a welcoming, beautiful city located in the north central portion of Ukraine. The capital of the Ukraine, Kiev is a river city of parks, trees and rolling hills that offers a pleasant hometown feel combined with the style of a major trend-setting European city.

Kiev is not simply the capital of Ukraine, it is also the mother city for all Eastern Slavic peoples. Kievan Rus, whose descendents include Ukraine, Russia and Belarus was established between the 9th and 11th centuries. The Russian Orthodox Church and all Eastern Slavic art and architecture originated here. This city is truly rich in history and stunning architecture. Kiev has stood the test of time, surviving many enemies including Mongol invasions, devastating fires, communist urban planning, and the massive destruction of world war 

The population in Kiev is right about 4 million people or more. The official language is Ukrainian, although the majority of the indigenous people of Kiev speaks Russian.
There are numerous museums and fabulous old churches and cathedrals to visit while in Kiev. You may also enjoy a boat ride along the snaking Dnipro river which divides the city in two. A lot of interesting attractions here.

Kiev is not only blessed with some of the most beautiful women in the world, but with great culture as well.
For example The Shevchenko Opera and Ballet Theatre was built in 1901 and is a very impressive building. It is the venue for some of the best Opera and Ballet performances found anywhere. The restaurants and shops this capital city abound. You can find anything form traditional Ukrainian cuisine to Mexican food all with a distinctly Ukrainian flair. There is never a problem finding a Ukrainian souvenir to bring back among the hundreds of shops and kiosks.

This is a city that is yet again struggling to find it’s identity in the ever changing political landscape. The people of Kiev are strong and proud of their heritage, and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to visit this great city and partake in its hospitality.
Many tourists come to Kiev for the first time back here again and again during even decades.

       Ten commandments:
    Never send money to someone you have never met.
    Always have a back-up plan.
    Work to eliminate any agency from your communications.
    Always get the lady's home address and home phone number as early as possible.
    Verify the ladies you are writing to are real.
    Do not fall in love with photos!!
    Always be yourself. Show the ladies the real you. Be truthful. Use current photos.
    Do not rush into this! Take your time and be methodical, not impulsive, about this process.
    Treat international dating the same as dating someone from your home country. The biggest difference is the cost (travel, phone. etc). This is an expensive process. Don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

Dating tips for men:

  • Don't forget to smile even if you are nervous and if you don't like this woman. Try to make good impression - you are not only John, Michel, and James. For this woman you are also the representative of your country and your nation.

  • Buy for the woman some flowers or small box of sweets. Of course you can prepare more expensive presents. But flowers can help you and your lady to cope with the first minutes when you both feel a little bit uncomfortable.

  • You will make better impression if you wear a good suit with a tie or some other classical clothes. It's better not to wear jeans. Russian women pay much attention to the appearance and most of them are dressed well.

  • It's better not to shake her hand - just say "Hello"! Or give her a small kiss on her cheek.

  • If you go somewhere - to the restaurant or cafe - take a taxi. If you go to the museum or to some excursions don't forget to pay for your lady too. Most of women don't earn enough to pay for such events themselves.

  • If you meet your lady in the evening, don't forget to take a taxi not only for you but also for your lady. The best solution is to take one taxi, at first bring your lady home and then go to the hotel.

  • And don't forget - you can contact our agency any time. We will be glad to help you with all this stuff - restaurants, taxi, excursions etc.


Food in Ukraine (Kiev) photos

Ukraine food

What good in Ukraine and no


Interesting places in Kiev


Memo on communication with Slavic girls.
1. In no case do not start writing many and often large messages at once, do not take it in a rush, ask in advance when it is convenient for a girl to talk on the phone, via video link. Do not write many messages during the day. This is considered indecent by us. Be moderately restrained. It is necessary that the girl gets used to you, and you take a place in her life. Write to the girls two, maximum three times a day, several messages, but not constantly throughout the day. If you text often the girl thinks you are messing around and annoying, it is considered obsessive in our culture.
2. Find out when it is convenient for a girl to communicate with you. Often during the day, girls are busy at work and study and cannot answer you.
3. You shouldn’t “download rights” if you haven’t even met yet, why the girl doesn’t answer you instantly.
4. Do not write or call after 23.00 pm and before 7.00 am.
5. At the first real meeting, in no case do not go to the girl with kisses and hugs, do not send vulgar photos.
6. Have interesting conversations for the girl, help carry a heavy bag, hold the door, go to an interesting place for the girl, an event, a cafe - be a gentleman.
7. Avoid vulgar topics in communication.
8. Tell the girl compliments (how beautiful she is and the like).
9. Tell her about yourself in the best light, about your strengths and achievements in life, ask her questions that are important to you.
10. If you started talking with a girl and you started to have money issues - for example, send the girl on a trip and so on, be sure to inform the agency about this, and we will tactfully find out from the woman the seriousness of her intentions.
11. If you have children, a mother, an ex-wife, it’s better not to talk too much about them at the beginning of your acquaintance while communicating with a girl, pay first of all attention to the girl’s interests and your personal ones. Do not immediately ask "uncomfortable" questions.
  Have a dialogue, not a monologue. Talk about light, romantic topics at the beginning.
For example
What flowers, chocolate do you like?
Do you like mountains or the sea more?
If you could choose talents, which one would you choose?
If you could choose a new profession right now, what would it be?
How many pets would you like to have and which ones? Do you consider yourself a typical cat lady or do you prefer dogs?
12. Watch the quality of the photos you send to the girl. Do not send your photos about in underwear, not neat and. etc.



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